Healthy and Happy—Holiday Edition

November 30, 2020     •     Lifestyle

By Jennifer James

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Do you find yourself falling behind on your health and fitness goals during the holidays?

At AstroFlav, we understand how difficult it is to stay on top of your health during the winter season, when family get-togethers and delicious meals take precedence over gym sessions.

But don’t throw in the towel yet! To help guide you through the holiday season, we thought of some tips and tricks to help you stay balanced during the holidays and maintain your fitness progress going into the new year.

Keep reading for ideas and advice about nutrition, exercise, mental health, family and resolutions during the holiday season.

Healthy and Happy—Holiday Edition 2

Staying active with your family will give you time to bond and relax away from the dinner table.

  • 1. Nutrition
    •  Continue to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables to balance your diet and boost your immune system during the holidays.
    • Allow yourself to indulge during special meals, but stay on track in the meals that follow.
    • If you have a busy week, try meal planning the weekend before. Not only does meal planning save money and time, it also helps you to make healthier choices (aka avoid hunger induced takeouts orders)!
    • Make sure you are eating dark colored fruits and vegetables. These foods are full of carotenoids that help your skin cells turnover and reproduce. No dry skin this winter!
  • 2. Exercise
    • Center holiday celebrations on activities such as a family football game or a walk around the neighborhood to look at holiday decorations. Staying active with your family will give you time to bond and relax away from the dinner table.
    • Stay individually active—commit to a schedule of workouts or activities that get your blood flowing throughout the week. If gyms are closed in your area, dedicate a space in your home to exercise and mindfulness or get active in nature.
    • Stay accountable with a workout buddy! Workout together (in person or virtually) or send your workout summaries to each other to stay on top of your routine.
    • The hardest part about working out is overcoming the mental challenge—tell yourself every morning that you can do it! It’s better to be sore tomorrow than to be sorry tomorrow.
  • 3. Mental Health
    • Spend time with yourself during the holidays and practice self care.
    • If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed with tasks before the holidays, delegate responsibilities to family members to help ease the pressure.
    • Spend time in nature this holiday season to refresh your mind away from your computer.
    • Find a hobby you enjoy and find a few hours every week to practice this hobby.

Make goals achievable and establish check marks throughout the year so you can keep track of your progress.

  • 4. Family
    • Find new ways to connect with family during the holidays that won’t potentially expose you or your family to Covid-19. Set up a dinner party over zoom, a drive by to wave to family members, or send holiday cards to remind them they are special to you. Get creative!
    • Send secret santa gifts in the mail to your family members and then have an opening party over zoom.
    • Check in with your family members to see how they are really doing.
  • 5. New Year's Resolutions
    • Make short term and long term resolutions for 2021. Make sure they are achievable and establish check marks throughout the year so you can keep track of your progress.
    • Make resolutions for your mental, physical and emotional health. All three aspects are essential!
    • Reflect on what you want to change in your life that is in your control and make an action plan for personal growth in 2021.

Do you have any health oriented tips for the holidays? I would love to hear them at!


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